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General settings

The basic configurations of the CRM.

  • Logo: preferably use square images 100px x 100px
  • Show all notifications to administrators:┬áSite administrators can see the activities of all agents
  • Past activity management: This option allows you to exclude from view the past activities (older than one day) that have been marked as “done” or “canceled”
  • Allow deletion of activities : you can choose to cancel the activities only to administrators or also to who created the TODO or APPOINTMENT
  • Extend agent capabilities: Allow agents to see other agents’ documents and notifications
  • Set an email address as the sender of notifications:
    Set an email address as the sender for CRM notification emails
    If blank, the email address of the site administrator will be used
  • Set a name as the sender of notifications:
    Set a name as the sender of the CRM notifications that will appear as the sender name of the emails sent to the contacts; if empty, the site name will be used
  • Grid sizes Master data and documents: The default value is 600px, you can set a different value to improve the record display layout
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