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Advanced settings

The “advanced settings” tab is only available in the PRO version. The settings are:

Use “front-end” layout: this feature allows you to show a full screen layout for users, which hides the WordPress menu. It is very useful for agents, who do not have to be able to access the site management.

Multipage invoice print: this feature is useful for long documents that can not be on one page. The chosen setting becomes the default for documents, but it is still possible to change the layout type at the moment, directly from the print preview.

Custom customer lists: in this part all the terms of the taxonomy Category related to the customers are listed, inserted in the tab Contacts settings.
From here you can decide which terms can go to a separate table in the contact list.

Additional fields in customer grid: here you can decide which fields will become extra columns in the contact list. It is also possible to add custom fields. Moreover, it is possible to block the column of the company name from here, in case there are many columns.

Default customer country for customer: here you can set the default country for new contact entries (editable)

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