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Subscription rules

The Default notification rules are extensions of the “reminder” functions of CRM. They let you build default notification rules applicable to various actions.
In particular they are used in the automatic payment process of services and products that provide a deadline to create notifications in later dates.
Associations in default notification rules are also available in the manual creation of an invoice.
Example: you can create a rule that applies to a monthly subscription type and set two notification step five days before and 1 day before the subscription expiration.
To get started click on the “add rule” on the right, and dates to the rule a name and duration in months

After creating a new rule, at least one notification step must be set: it will define the set of actions that you wish to run. Click “add step”

The modal window that opens allows you to set the days ahead of the expiry of the event and the various notification options:

The choices for the notification are of two types: recipients and modality.

Recpients: ->The possible recipients of the notification are the customer and internal registered users (WP user), both individually and as a group. In both selection boxes possible choices are multiple. The notification to the customer is a checkbox choice.

Modality: -> While for the notification to the customer the only way is to send an email, WP smart CRM offers the possibility of choice (even simultaneously) to send an email and posting on message boards of users (WP administrators or CRM user) the notifications of deadlines, the TODO, and appointments for a quick reminder. By ticking the checkbox at the selected users or groups selected, they will see the activity on their dashboard, which will take place on the day defined in step, in advance of the event date.

The following screenshot (which shows two notification step 30 days before and 15 days before a deadline to 12 months) shows the step of notification panel associated with a rule.

WARNING: although technically possible, it is not recommended to modify the duration of the existing rules if they have already been used, as the notifications may not function properly in some cases. Even in case of cancellation is necessary to check any products/services that used the deleted rule and associate it with a new rule.

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