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Printable version

In document print preview it’s possible to choose whether to print “paid” for invoices, as well other options for quotes: you can choose to show totals summary (for quotes with product rows) or not (for only descriptive quotes) and you can choose to print net + taxes or gross amount.

Template customizations
Although the document template is static, every element in it have CSS classes which let to customize the document.
In section Utilities->settings->documents->custom style you can redeclare elements rules for the document.
The main elements are marked by classes: .WPsCRM_pdf-header, .WPsCRM_for, .WPsCRM_pdf-body 


which contain the elements:

The table of document rows has the following structure:

All columns are characterized by a specific class, so it is possible to show only some of the columns.
For example, if you do not intend to use the “code” field and the “discount” field in the lines of the document, simply add a simple instruction to the custom CSS ( Utilities->settings->documents->Custom style ):

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