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New event

The creation of an event (Todo or appointment) consists of two parts.

The first part represents the data of the event: customer choice, date, object, description, priority.

The second part is about notification rules . A rule determines how and when to send notifications and select recipients.
The possible recipients of the intended notification are users and user groups of WordPress and for the appointments also the customer.
The methods of notification to users / groups are 3: via email, via notification on the bulletin board, both. Notification to the customer will only take place via email.

In the days in advance you must select how many days before sending the notification with respect to the date of the event. It is also possible to send an instant notification in case you choose to send the notification by email.
Instant notification is useful if the event has a close date or if it is particularly important.
It is possible to send the notification to users and user groups, and decide whether to show the event also on the user or group bulletin board.

Note : The notification system is based on the WordPress cron, which runs twice a day. The WordPress cron has been designed to work only if at least one person visited the site during the day (both front-end and back-end).


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