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Events list

In the notification area there are all the notifications for the day or for the current week. They are gruped by “todo” and “appointments”.
The tables of the notifications area, as well all the tables in CRM, are filterable, sortable and groupable. To reverse the order in a column, simply click the column header; click the filter icon to filter, to group drag the headers(Customer, Subject, Description and Deadline) in the yellow area.

By clicking on “open” you can view all the information related to the activity and change the status. The possible states are: To Do, Done and Aborted, with the ability to insert text notes. The task status is shown in the last column, with corresponding icons; the icon surrounded by a circle means that there are notes relating to that line and you can see its contents with the “mouseover”.
Deleting todos and appointments is a prerogative of the site administrators or, optionally (see section “settings”) also of those who created the todo or appointment.

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