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Adding and modifying a contact

The mandatory data for the insertion of a customer in the registry are:

  • Invoiceable Y/N
  • Type of customer (private/company)
  • Name and surname or company name
  • Country
  • Fiscal Code or VAT code according the previous choices. In the event that the customer’s country is Italy, form checks are carried out on the data entered as Fiscal Code and VAT.

If the customer has been set as non-billable, the tax mandatory checks will not be carried out.
After the creation the quick menus will be available for adding TODOs, appointments and annotations and additional tabs for internal contacts and the history of the activities carried out on the customer.


The annotation timeline contains all the history of the activities carried out on a customer. The annotations are of two types: manual and automatic. Manual annotations are entered by the user using the buttonĀ screen-annotation-icon

The automatic annotations occur every time a todo, an appointment or a document is created. The sorting is from the most recent annotation, and in this way we have a useful customer history.

PRO version

If the CRM PRO plugin is active, two more tabs are visible: Email and Uploads .
The Email tab is a summary of the emails sent via the CRM (manual or automatic), in the latter it is possible to upload image or document type files.


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