Wordpress Plugin for invoicing and CRM with powerful features: manage Customers, Scheduler, Documents and Notifications all in one

WP smart CRM & invoices is a FREE wordpress plugin that allows full management of customers, appointments and invoicing

In one single plugin we've grouped several features to improve the administration of daily tasks in your business backoffice. This CRM wordpress plugin will help you saving a huge amount of time and increasing your business productivity


All your backoffice managed in a single dashboard: Customers, Documents ( Invoices and Quotes ), Scheduler ( appointments and to-do ) plus our exclusive automatic system of  notifications ( email and dashboard ) to keep the situation under control: payments reminder, appointments notification, invoices expiration and notifications is sequential steps for long-term recursive subscriptions.

WP smart CRM & invoices is a plugin that will not affect the loading tie and overall performances of your wordpress site, since it works completely as backend application!

Our CRM & invoices wordpress plugin in its FREE version is fully working without any limitation and it always remain FREE of charge!


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PRO version

Many features for your Wordpress CRM

  • Full page layout
  • Drag & drop visual scheduler with clone+copy functions
  • Contacts lists separated by category
  • Custom fields on Contact sheet
  • File uploads on contact sheet
  • Direct email with attachments from contacts and documents grids
  • CSV Contacts import from other plugins (i.e. woocommerce)
  • Multipage invoicing

DEMO version PRO: http://crm.softrade.it user: demo, password: demowpsmartcrm

Current supported currencies: EUR, USD, GPB, AUD, CHF, BRL, INR, CNY, JPY

Not in the list? we can add any international currency on demand..just ask!

Translation strings: IT, EN, FR.

You can contribute to translate in other languages here: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/wp-smart-crm-invoices-free
timeline Visual timeline of annotations and activities on Contact with direct link to scheduler events
contactsContacts grid and documents grid with separate grids and "send mail" functions with attachments
rulesThe subscription rules by which manage notifications multi-step

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  • Promo price € 99
  • 12 months support included


  • Customers master data
  • Quick search
  • quick creation of todo and appoinments
  • Agents attribution
  • Annotations for the single customer
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  • Quick view of expiring todo and appoinments
  • Quick search of tasks, orderby and data grouping
  • Management of the "status"
  • "Smart" notification system
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  • Quick view of Invoices and Quotes
  • Quick search of documents, orderby and data grouping
  • Quick view of payment status and expiration date
  • Customization of document header, payment methods, canvas signature in quotes


  • Notification for todo, appointments, payments
  • Notification in dashboard and via email
  • Creation of predefined sets of notification rules
  • Notification at sequential  steps for long-term recursive subscriptions
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  • Help online in all CRM plugin sections


We're developing awesome add-ons to add functionalities to  WP smart CRM & invoices plugin but its basic (fully working) module will remain always FREE with all its functionalities without limitation! Read More »

Customers management features of wordpress CRM plugin

WP smartCRM

Customers management

Customer full management from Wordpress Admin area
  • Master data
  • Customized customers categories
  • Quick search
  • Annotation Timeline
  • Quick todo and appointments
  • Summary list of activities related to customer
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WP smartCRM

Management of Appointments and TODO

  • Smart lists of appointments and Todo
  • Assign tasks to agents/users
  • Check of task status with annotations
  • Customized notifications
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Appointments and TODO management with wordpress CRM plugin


PDF invoice Wodrpress CRM plugin

Create Invoices from wordpress plugin

WP smartCRM

Documents management

Full management of Invoices and Quotes
  • Issuing of Invoices and Quotes with PDF
  • Settings for payment expiration date
  • Smart notifications for expiring services and payments
  • Lists with quick search functionalities, orderby and grouping by customers and dates
  • Quick view for amounts and payment status
  • Management of subscriptions with recursivity
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WP smartCRM

"Smart" notifications

Notifications to Users and Customers
  • Notification in dashboard and by email
  • Selection of single/multiple users & groups
  • Settings for sequential notification steps(ie. 30gg, 15 gg, 3gg) for long-term subscriptions
  • Association of the notification rules to every different line of invoice
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Manage notifications for appointments and TO-DO with wordpress CRM plugin


WP smart CRM plugin ADD-ONS

We're working to develope awesome add-ons to increase the functionalities of the WP smart CRM plugin

  • Mobile APP for agents and administrators
  • WOOcommerce full integration
  • Custom fields in customer data with upload of pictures and video
  • Ecommerce light modulewith automatic management of recursive subscriptions
  • Customers CSV importing
  • Data CSV exporting
  • Multi-page templates for invoices and quotes
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