WP Many Posts WordPress plugin

WP Many Posts WordPress plugin

Do you have a WORDPRESS blog or corporate site with lots of posts? One of the most time-consuming activity in the daily and extraordinary maintenance of a blog with many posts are the edit screens. True is that in the edit.php screen the “quick edit” functions included in the WP core is an extremely powerful help, but it does’nt solve the problem in case of hundreds or even thousands of posts.

Finding specific posts, open them, change title, or category or tag, save them and go to the next can be quite annoying.

WP Many Posts WordPress Plugin scope is to offer administrator a powerful interface to manage all post in a unique view, with instant search , filter and grouping posts, plus a complete replacement of the quick-edit functions of WP core, using the features of jQuery grid powered by Telerik in Kendoui modules.

If your WP site has a huge number of posts you must try our plugin, it’s free up to 2500 posts and you can require a free extension up to 5000 posts simply filling the form in this page.

Give WP Many Post a try.

Download it for free !



Request extension up to 5000 post for FREE

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