We design effective web sites and applications that suite your needs.

We are partners of our customers step by step: from the project analysis and prototyping to User Experience, from SEO to Social Media Marketing.

We are skilled in

  • Design of elegant and functional backend applications.

  • Customization of the WordPress wp-admin area in PHP and Angularjs

  • WordPress plugin developement for every need.

  • Responsive websites developement WordPress based

WP Smart CRM & Invoices

Are you a small business or a freelancer?

Our WordPress plugin is the one for you.

In one single plugin we’ve grouped several features to improve the administration of daily tasks in your business backoffice. This CRM wordpress plugin will help you saving a huge amount of time and increasing your business productivity.

You don’t like the idea that your and your customers’ data reside on a cloud server? Our plugin is the solution for you: personal data and documents directly in the database of your WordPress installation!

  • Customers CSV importing
  • Master data
  • Customized customers categories
  • Quick search
  • Annotations Timeline
  • Quick todo and appointments
  • Summary list of activities related to customer

  • Issuing of Invoices and Quotes with PDF
  • Lists with quick search functionalities, orderby and grouping by customers and dates
  • Quick view for amounts and payment status
  • “Smart” lists of appointments and Todo
  • Check of task status with annotations

  • Notification in dashboard and via email
  • Selection of single/multiple users & groups
  • Settings for sequential notification steps
  • Association of the notification rules to every different line of invoice
  • “Smart” notifications for expiring services and payments
  • Management of subscriptions with recursivity

Connect your WOOCommerce store to WP Smart CRM PRO: quick add Woocommerce products in quotes and invoices; add customer who purchase online products as CRM contact and more features 

Our CRM & invoices wordpress plugin in its FREE version is fully working without any limitation and it always remain FREE of charge!

Download it now from WP official repository »

Try the live demo of PRO version:
Link: http://crm.softrade.it
user: demo, password: demowpsmartcrm

Buy it € 99.00
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SoftradeWEB is a tech-agency specialized in developement of WEB SITES and APPLICATIONS and in supplying outsourced programming services.
We cohoperate with several Web Agencies providing outsourcing programming that covers our skill in UX-UI and SEO in HTML5/JS, PHP e MYSQL. We develop WordPress plugins calibrated to any design need.


Other services

  • Geolocalized WordPress applications
  • Making of original themes from PSD files
  • Websites developement

  • SEO consulting